Jim and I got together one evening over a beer or two and decided we missed setting targets. We have entertained the thought of throwing NSCA targets again for some time since loosing the old Polk Skeet and Trap grounds. With Lakeland Rifle and Pistol Club so close to us and without a tournament schedule, it seemed like a good time to move.

It is my feeling, with the economy slow and the high costs of everything, we need to get back to the "grass roots" of sporting clays. It will be our goal to get shooters together in a friendly environment for a fun tournament. We will try to keep costs down, therefore, there won't be any dust collectors for normal shoots. On occasion, we may host a special event that special trophies are given. We realize we are up against many challenges with the Lakeland Rifle and Pistol Club shooting grounds, but hope to show you we can work with the eastern sun and narrow shot windows.